We know that Safety, Service and Speed are the top priorities for our customers and that is why we have made it the top priorities for our business too. Our expedited team service specializes in time sensitive solutions and expedited delivery. We’re able to deliver your goods faster, which translates into more safety and security for your high value shipments. Our teams are advised not to stop for the first 300 miles from any high value pickup and we can travel 1,100 miles in 24 hours.
We offer:
 • Dry & Temperature Controlled Vans, Flatbeds, etc.
 • Professional Freight Management Team
 • Time-Critical Expedited Shipping
 • Dedicated and Customized lanes
 • Guaranteed On Time Delivery
 • High value insurance limits
 • White glove service
 • Satellite Tracking
JITC Logistics can customize and design transportation solutions to move your freight at the speed AND COST you need. We have been in the intermodal segment for over 10 years and is available to all of our customers across North America (United States, Mexico and Canada). A well-managed and competitive rail freight transportation program is essential for many firms involved in transportation. It combines the economy of rail with our over-the-road handling for seamless door-to-door service and savings.
JITC Logistics has a diverse client base of companies involved in rail freight shipping as producers, distributors and receivers. Whether you need full-service solution, or assistance with just one aspect of your rail shipping, JITC logistics can cover them all with the most experienced fleet managers and the latest technology solutions in the industry. Every rail shipper has unique needs and we've have worked with more than 500 companies to improve their rail transportation and are willing to share our perspectives and discuss if any of our services may
benefit your program. We also offer express Intermodal solutions, its speed is almost on par with a single-driver over-the-road truck.

 We offer:
  • Average 400-500 miles a day
  • Faster Express Train also available
  • Door to Door direct Service
  • Reduce Carbon footprint
  • Alternative to Fuel Price fluctuation
  • Reduce cost
Whether you need to send heavy freight shipments regionally, across the country, or between the United States and Canada, get the speed you need and the reliability you expect from JITC Logistics all with a day-definite delivery. Choose a service that fits your schedule and your budget with a multitude of options from Residence Deliveries to Tradeshows.
We offer:
 • Standard/Expedited/Guaranteed
 • Specialized Service(s)
 • U.S, Canada, & Hawaii
 • Tradeshows, Residence
By understanding your issues and anticipating your business and logistics needs, JITC Logistics provides robust solutions that will drive value for your business.
Whatever industry sector you operate in, JITC Logistics provides dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers.
We offer:
 •Long/Short term Storage
 •Additional Security Measures
 •Inventory Management
JITC Logistics uses a combination of company owned trucks and approved third party drayman to dray containerized cargo to/from the Long Beach Port. JITC Logistics drayage services meet US D.O.T. Standards and operate under all F.M.C.S.A. guidelines. Our draymen are T.W.I.C. approved and UIIA Certified. We specialize in long haul drayage.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We will be able to implement an action plan that is custom tailored for each one of our customers. Your needs is our main priority and we will work around your schedule.

We’re Punctual

Just In Time Cargo Logistics is not just our name, but a promise that we strive to keep with every shipment that is moved by our company. If you have a weekend pickup, we are there for you, if you have a midnight delivery we will deliver it on time, and if you have multiple deliveries that have a restrictive schedule we will find a way to get them all delivered on time.

We have magic

Give us your toughest shipments and let us find a way to move them. If you have an over-weight, over-dimensional, or any shipment with unique requirements let us find a solution for you.

We love what we do

The old saying that says "If yo do what you love, you will never work a day in your life" truly embodies the way we feel about what we do. Every shipment is a unique experience, with its own challanges that we love to tackle.

We’re responsible

It does not matter if you are shipping a pallet or a truck load - every shipment will be treated as a top priority. We will not stop managing your shipment until it will be successfully delivered.

We're Friendly

We pride ourselves on our proffessional customer service. Our friendly staff will provide you with excelent and friendly service. We look to forge long business relationships with everyone that we are in contact with.

What our customers say?

JITC’s team service provides the type of ON-TIME quality and GUARANTEE security our industry demands on a daily basis.

Antiques & Fine Art Storage

What our customers say?

We rely heavily on JITC to ensure all parts are flowing into the production line in a timely manner in order to continue our production without stalling, or having to stock inventory.

Automobile Manufacturer

What our customers say?

JITC’s intermodal service SAVES us thousands of dollars a month on shipping and it is a great way to go green.

Publishing & Media Printing


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